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source close to Christina "insists that meeting the family doesn't mean Aguilera and Rutler are getting more serious.

They're still getting to know each other better,' says the source."While the new couple might feel meeting the folks is no biggie, I've got to disagree.

This is a tricky question and unfortunately there is no simple answer. If you think this will happen, prep your mate’s before-hand and ask them to behave, or to steer-clear of certain topics.

This will help lay the groundwork for a positive impression.

That being said, Chris and I met each other's families pretty early on in our relationship.

Though, we were both living at home at the time so it was coincidental than anything else! And will any of you be meeting your man's parents for the first time this holiday season?

Of the many noteworthy events that create a relationship history, one stands out as particularly likely during the holidays. People worry about meeting their significant others’ families, and, well, they probably should.

A first impression, after all, is a lasting impression, potentially shaping the quality of future interactions (Rabin & Schrag, 1999).