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Clint Eastwood proudly showed off his new girlfriend Christina Sandera on the red carpet at the Oscars, but Radar has learned she has a dark past.

Explosive police reports obtained by The National ENQUIRER – and provided to Radar – show his 51-year-old lover has been arrested for “domestic battery” and had a drinking problem.

Before Sandera began working as a hostess at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch hotel in Carmel, Calif., divorce papers show she was involved in a tumultuous 11-month marriage to a local bakery shop owner, that ended in a 2003 separation.

READ THE DOCUMENTS Her ex, Paul Wainscoat, said, “It was hell — I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman.” Eight months before the couple married on July 17, 2002, an “Incident Report” from the Monterey (Calif.) Police Dept.

Clint filed legal docs in the divorce case triggered by Dina Eastwood.

But since dating the movie star, “Her life has been transformed almost overnight,” the source revealed.The phenomenon of older men marrying far younger women is nothing new.In medieval times men looked for fertile women who could produce children while women looked for strong muscular men who could protect them and provide for them by hunting animals.Wainscoat wanted to leave, according to the report, but Sandera “grabbed onto his shirt and scratched his neck to prevent him.” Wainscoat managed to call police during the tussle.When cops arrived at the home, she was still holding onto his shirt and the blue-eyed blonde spitfire was arrested for “domestic battery.” Cops also noticed her “strong odor” of alcohol. But Wainscoat said in divorce papers it was a mistake, claiming she wanted to be treated like “a queen” and she financially drained him.