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Of course we can also use it to experiment with alternate arrangement ideas.And even with alternate (region) automation values.An invaluable tool for quickly getting your head around new updates I am a: Professional You could certainly peruse through the manual and the items of things changed, but letting Eli show it to you is faster by far. Like most kids my age around then, I was into progressive rock. While studying music in college I discovered Charlie Parker, Milt Jackson, Sonny Stitt, and John Coltrane.There is a lot to this update and it is worthy of a tutorial. Milt Jackson spoke to me in such a profound way that it left me no choice but to take up vibraphone.

Barring the existence of either of these, default preset patterns will be generated.

But the fact that they are developing new features built around it bodes well for its future. Make kit piece changes, switch to producer kits, and audition different drum kits directly from the Library icon now rather than burrowing through the Library’s hierarchal menus.

Accompanying the new Percussionists is a redesign of the Drummer workspace. Styles and characters are now chosen in the Library. A nice addition to the ease of using Drummer is the user defined preference to have a button appear on Drummer tracks in the Tracks Area to quickly add new Drummer regions.

If you’re a Logic Pro X user, this series is a no-brainer.

Get up to speed and learn the new 10.3 features inside and out from Eli. Very useful real World and practical ideas that will promote creativity...